When a Thug Fall for a Rich Girl

When a Thug Fall for a Rich Girl


What would you do if you found out your father was the biggest drug connect, making your whole life was a lie. To add fuel to the flame, the man that you are falling in love with is his number one buyer! Let's also add the possibility that your best friend may be your half-sister, resulting in your life being turned upside down. Anastasia Jackson is a spoiled rich daddy's girl that has had life handed to her on a silver platter. She has the cars the condo and the money in the bank to do and go as she please all thanks to her father James Jackson, on the outside looking in one would think that Anna has it all figured out, but if she could find someone to love her. But when she falls for a drug dealer that she thinks is just a normal business man and stop supporting her ungrateful mother then maybe just maybe she would be okay but then her world come crashing down all around her. After Anna graduation, she figured that life had just begun but to her surprise life might be ending with her mother plotting to create chaos, and her best friend Jenn becoming her half-sister and not knowing if she could fully trust her heart to love Lamar complete she don't know who to turn to. With her father living a double lifestyle without Anna finding out but it seems like both lifestyles is starting to affect his family life. With Lamar finally finding the woman of his dreams will he be able to put his past behind him? Or be able to just love Anna? Since he cannot buy her love with money; or will he just fuck up and let her down like all the rest. Will she be taken away from him? And they will never be able to try this thing that they have between a thug and a rich girl. When Anna goes missing he knows that he has to have her in his life and find her and get his future back. What will happen to Anna and Lamar love life can they overcome all the trails and test that comes along with being together. With a street nigga and a rich girl trying to make love work.

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Monik Beene
Paperback | 102 pages
152 x 229 x 5mm | 145g
Publication date
28 Oct 2016
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform